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Subject: Discrimination of Arabs in Israel

From: Doron A. Tal (Ilana Tal) <>
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Discrimination of Arabs in Israel

By Doron A. Tal (Ilana Tal) <>
21 October, 1995

Undeniably, it has never been easy for a non-Jewish individual to live in the State of Israel. In particular, Israel has oppressed the Palestinians those how has never been citizens of this State. They were neither tourists nor intending citizens of the Jewish entity. Rather, they had opposed _in the first instance_ the existence of the Jewish State. Only after some Palestinian groups had agreed to recognize the right of Israel to exist then peace talks began.

It is also true that the Arab regimes in the area have been much more oppressive to the Palestinians and other national minorities and that much of the anti-zionism in the Arab world is a product of anti-Jewish xenophobia, wrongly predicated as Islamic belief. Only those who abused the name of Mohammed for vain (remember the "third commandment" based on Exodus Ch. 20) attempted to deny the rights of Jews, also other religions to exist.

Nowadays, not only progressive Zionists are keenly aware of the historical injustices that were inflicted on the Palestinians. The on going peace process (despite the any offender) would prove the real intentions of the people. The State of Israel is struggling constantly against the elements that are attempting to undermine support for the Middle East peace process in the name of "___" or whatever. It is the same violation of the "third commandment".

In short, the state of Israel is a democratic homeland for Jewish people, and would not oppress others, provided that they would not object this State to exist as manifested in the declaration of independence.

Wishing you all Shalom from Israel.

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