The social history of the People's Republic of Bangladesh

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Agreement to end Bangladesh tribal uprising
BBC World Service, Tuesday 2 December 1997. An agreement has been reached in Bangladesh to end more than 20 years of separatist insurgency in the south-eastern Chittagong Hill Tracts. Leaders of the Shanti Bahini tribal movement signed the accord.
Bangladesh struggles to cope
By David Chazan, BBC News Online, Thursday 1 July 1999. Millions of Bangladeshis who have migrated to the cities in search of work. Fifty years ago, only about four per cent of the population lived in urban areas, now more than 25% are city dwellers. Overcrowding and malnutrition are worst among the urban poor.
Bangladesh slum clearance continues
By Kamal Ahmed, BBC News, Monday 9 August 1999. Police in Bangladesh have continued to pull down slums in the capital, Dhaka, for the second day running in a move they describe as an anti-crime crackdown. Such unplanned removal of squatters might worsen the law and order situation in the capital.
Bangladesh's climate refugees
By Donatien Garnier, Le Monde diplomatique, May 2007. The major environmental consequences of global warming, especially high water and salt invasion, are likely to displace millions of people this century. Bangladesh has already entered that frightening future.