The history of the Tamil people

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Query on sources on the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam and their conflict in and with Sri Lanka
From H-Asia list, November–December 1995. Reponses to a bibliographic inquiry.
The Sri Lankan government's military solution
By Ana Pararajasingham, Green Left Weekly, 6 December 1995. Significance of the fall of Jaffna.
Behind the war in Jaffna
Green Left Weekly, 13 December 1995. Historical review of Tamil-Sinhalese relations on the island.
Tamil Tigers Press Release 11.01.1996
11 January 1996. LTTE reports on government delay releasing funds for refugees and and other vital supplies. Tamil people of North subject to economic embargo. Government preparing a military solution to problem of Tamil self-determination that should be negotiated.
The Devolution Package and the Maha Sangha
By D. Amarasiri Weeraratne, Sunday Observer, 17 March 1996. Here a Sinhalese perspective: Compromise negotiation of ethnic differences was undercut by Sinhalese unitary state hardliners, which drove Tamil people into arms of LTTE terrorists. Maha Sanga, the Association of Sinhalese Buddhist Priests.
Tamils reject peace deal compromise
By Matthew Chance, South China Morning Post, 29 June 1996. A Sinhalese perspective.
Fierce Fighting In Northern Sri Lanka
From BBC world Service News, 9 January 1997. Brief news report of beginning of Tamil Tiger military offensive in Northern Sri Lanka.
Cancer hospital to become a detention center
Press release from Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), 28 March 1997. Other news from Tamil Eelam Sri Lanka.