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 South Asia in general
  Documents for Tamil history and the civil war

General and political history

Building a Left Wing in Sri Lanka
Green Left Weekly interviews Dr. Vickramabahu Karunaratne, general secretary of the NSSP. 27 February, 1995.
U.S. Quietly Expands its Role in Sri Lanka. Green Berets help train soldiers, open paths for military presence
By Mark Kaufman (Philadelphia Inquirer), in The Dallas Morning News, 30 June, 1996.
Reuters and Reality
By Nanda K. Ganesan. 19 July, 1996. Reporters working for the international news agencies are Sinhalese and give a rosy and distorted picture of events, quite in contrast with reports in local papers in Colombo.
United States Policy in Sri Lanka
17 August, 1996. Suggests an analogy with US Vietnam involvment.

Economy and environment

Oil installation fires at Colombo, Sri Lanka
From Institute for Tropical Environmental Studies News, 1 November, 1995. Focus on the ennvironmental impact of the fires caused by terrorists.
From Rags to the Rag Trade
By Ramani Jayasundere, for the Women's Feature Service. 30 November, 1995. Booming small-scale garment industry; its effect on workers, especially women.


Power unions stop privatization
From Workers World, 13 April, 1995. Brief news report on labor's opposition to privatization.


Introduction to Nirmanee
A Sri Lanka newspaper from women. 15 February, 1995.
Sex Tourists Prey On Sri Lankan Children
By Sue Lloyd-Roberts. 12 January, 1997. Re European pedophiles.


Sri Lanka village takes on Voice of America
By Kathryn Hamilton, in Green Left Weekly, 8 May, 1996. Villagers object to facility for the US propaganda agency, and concerns for cultural imperialism.

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