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Subject: "Kitchen Fires" Kill Indian Brides With Inadequate Dowries
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"Kitchen Fires" Kill Indian Brides With Inadequate Dowries

From UPI. 23 July, 1997

[This article has been excerpted.]

NEW DELHI, July 23 (UPI): A UNICEF report least 5,000 women die each year in India for not bringing enough dowry in marriages.

The report says least a dozen women die each day in kitchen fires, which are often passed off as accidents, because their parents-in-law are dissatisfied with their dowries.

The Progress of Nations' report says...only a few of the murderers are brought to justice.

Although dowry is legally banned in the country, Indian customs stipulate that a bride's family should pay the groom's relatives money and gifts as a precondition to the marriage.

The traditional dowry system in India has led to female infanticide among poor families who cannot afford the enormous gifts required to marry off a daughter. The report says...the preference for sons, particularly in Asian societies, is another insidious force directed against women. Genetic testing for sex selection, though officially outlawed, has become a booming business in China, India and Korea.

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