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The history of women and gender in India

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   The social history of India in general

A Quiet Revolution in the Factory
By Nonika Singh, for Women's Feature Service. 24 February, 1995. Growth of female employment in Punjab electronics industry linked to changes in social position on women.
Sexual harassment cases - seeking international info
From the Delhi based Women's group - Sakshi, 6 March, 1995, re gang rape of child marriage campaigner. Issue of whether "sexual harassment" is part of Westernization.
"Kitchen Fires" Kill Indian Brides With Inadequate Dowries
From UPI, 23 July 1997. In-laws kill brides with inadequate dowries, although the institution of dowries is outlawed. Problem of female infanticide in Asia.
Indian women still awaiting independence
By Sonali Verma, Reuter, 12 August 1997.