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Date: Fri, 16 Feb 1996 17:01:53 +0200>br /> Sender: Former Soviet Republic - Central Asia Political Discussion List <CENASIA@VM1.MCGILL.CA>
From: IdinovN <idinovn@RFERL.ORG>
Subject: ‘Otunbaeva’

Foreign Minister Mrs. Roza Otunbayeva press conference

From Naryn Aiyp, 14 February 1996

On 14 February 1996 Kyrgyz Foreign Minister Mrs. Roza Otunbayeva held a press-conference at the RFE/RL. President of RFE/RL Mr. K.Klose and Director of Broadcasting Mr. R.Gillette were attend.

Some her answers in brief:

Q (Kyrgyz Svc): What about the results of your trip to East Europe?
A: We have had good connections for a long time. Kyrgyz ambassador to Austria Mr. Sultanov would be duty for Czech Republic soon, and our ambassador to Belarus Mr. Ashirov would be soon responsible for Poland.
Q (Kyrgyz Svc): President Akayev announced that after referendum Kyrgyz government should resign and he would appoint 'a new team'. Will be there great changes?
A: It is hard to answer in behalf of president, but after gaining more power, president can concentrate his attention on economic issues. He will address to parliament on February 26 or 27.
Q (Turkmen Svc): What do you think about statute of neutrality of Turkmenistan?
A: We respect any good will of our neighbours.
Q (Tajik Svc): What do you think about replacing Mr. Kozyrev with Mr. Primakov and why did you call Mr. Kozyrev not to be an observer in Central Asia?
A: Mr.Primakov was a member of parliment of the USSR from Kyrgyzstan, that is why he knows Kyrgyzstan enough well. I think there would be no serious changes in Russin foreign policy. I called Mr.Kozyrev for active actions in Central Asia, because there were (and is) a big game in Central Asia, and the war should be stopped by them, who began it.
A.(Russian Svc): You said that there would be no serious changes in Russin policy, but the position of Mr. Primakov concernig to NATO expansion is very hard. Could you explain it?
Q :Mr. Primakov has said recently that NATO expansion is inavitable. There is also a big game with NATO and the players are big too. We understand that we are in alliance with Russia now.
Q (Armenian Svc): Would you mind to restoring the USSR?
A: We will never give up our independency.
O.(Tajik Svc): What do you think about the situation in Tajikistan?
A: We prolonged the mandat of our peacekeepers (about 500 people) in Tajikistan until June 1996 but demand from Tajik authorities to be more complient. There is no sign of it yet.
Q (Kazakh Svc): Wouldn't the last referendum in Kyrgyzstan with the result of 94 % to hurt democratic reputation of Kyrgyzstan?
A: We needed this referendum: there were too mucn political struggle in the republic and now we can concentrated on economic.
Q (Uzbek Svc): What do you think about the idea of president Karimov about Great Turkestan?
A: I asked him this question myself and Mr.Karimov answered that this kind of cooperation would be only in cultural field.
Naryn Aiyp.