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October 26, 1997

From: Armin Bauer <abauer@mail.asiandevbank.org>
Subject: Books on Gender and Social Costs of Transition in KAZ/KGZ

Books on Gender and Social Costs of Transition

By Armin Bauer, 26 October 1997

These books might interest you:

Bauer, Armin / Green, David / Kuehnast, Kathleen: Women and Gender Relations. The Kyrgyz Republic in Transition; Manila: Asian Development Bank (ADB), 1997. ISBN: 971-561-099-4; Publication Stock No. 011296

Bauer, Armin / Boschmann, Nina / Green, David: Women and Gender Relations in Kazakstan. The Social Cost; Manila: Asian Development Bank (ADB), 1997. ISBN: 971-561-098-6; Publication Stock No. 011396

The Central Asian Republics of Kazakstan and Kyrgyzstan are experiencing a difficult period of transition resulting in falling incomes, increasing unemployment, eroding social services, and weakening social assistance support. The changes are affecting both sexes; however, the social and economic costs of this transition have been especially difficult for women. Unemployment has and will likely continue to weaken sectors which have traditionally offered women employment. The deterioration of the social service sector has directly impacted on women's health and on the health and education of their children. Some groups of women (pensioners, single women with many children, unemployed) depend on the social safety net and declining public resources have led to difficult circumstances for these vulnerable groups.

In conjunction with drafting its Country Operational Strategy for Kazakstan and other economic and sector work on children and on the social costs of transition, in 1996, the Asian Development Bank conducted two study on the impact of transition on women in Kazakstan and the Kyrgyz Republic. The above mentioned two books provide the results of the Gender study and the implications for the Bank's programming and project activities.

The Bank is currently finalizing another book on: A Generation at Risk. Children in the Central Asian Republics of Kazakstan and Kyrgyzstan. This book will be published in November/December 1997.

The two gender books (priced US$10, inclusive of airmail or courier service charges.) can be obtained from the Bank's Information Office (P.O.Box 789, 0980 Manila, Philippines; Fax: ++63-2-6362648; e-mail: adbpub@mail.asiandevbank.org). The proceeds from the selling the English books are used to publich revised versions of the two books in Russian for free distribution in Central Asia. Orders can be placed at the Info Office. Payment should be in U.S. Dollars payable to Publications Unit, Asian Development Bank, by check or draft drawn on any bank based in the United States. For convenience, payment can also be charged to American Express, MasterCard or Visa, giving details of the cardholders name, card account number and validity date, total amount to be charged and a specimen signature. Also, orders can be placed and Info Office will then send the book along with an invoice memo and payment instruction.

For further questions, please contact Dr. Armin Bauer at abauer@mail.asiandevbank.org; Fax: 0063-2-6362383; ph: 6326460.