The social history of Central Asia as a whole

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Perspectives on the unrest in the Altai region of the USSR
H. B. Paksoy, 1990. First published via ‘Report on the USSR’ over the SOVSET computer network by Radio Liberty, Munich, on 10 September 1990. The Altai region of Tuva, ASSR and the question of Altaian Turkic ethnic identity. The ideology of Pan-Turkism.
Crimean Tartars
A dialog from CenAsia list, February 1996. A statement by the U.S. propaganda agency, Voice of America, on the Crimean Tartars, and the dialog on the CenAsia list to which it gave rise regarding literary sources for the Krimtartars.
Part of a dialog from CenAsia List, March 1996. Focus here is on their religious affiliation.
Books on Gender and Social Costs of Transition
By Armin Bauer, 26 October 1997. The author pushes two of his books on women and gender in Central Asia written for the Asian Development Bank.
Passport nationalities
By John Clark, 16 March 1998. People choose advantageous nationalities, which is either the titular nationality in the republic in question, or, particularly in the old days, Russian. Because people had a lot of latitude in their choice, more Russians and titular nationalities in the statistics than was actually true.
By Nick Megoran, 30 March 1999. About a speech by Daniyar Uconov in the Kyrgyzstani Jogorku Kengesh's debate about the border situation and relationships with neighbouring states. His opinions about a ‘fifth column’ are alarming and mirror comments made by Dooronbek Sadirbaev expressing fear of immigration from neighbouring countries.