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Ah Lek: Code ready in a month

By Celeste Fong, Star Publications
2 March 1999

KUALA LUMPUR: The Human Resources Ministry is expected to come up with a code of practice on prevention and handling of sexual harassment in the workplace within a month.

Minister Datuk Lim Ah Lek said the code would contain guidelines on the establishment and implementation of in-house preventive and redress mechanisms for dealing with sexual harassment.

"The code will also have practical guidance to employers, employees, trade unions, and other relevant parties on the protection of the dignity of men and women at work," he said.

Speaking at the National Workshop on Sexual Harassment at Work here yesterday, Lim said many victims feared to come forward because of the lack of guidelines and support.

"There are at least 188 known cases of sexual harassment which have been reported by the victims during the past three years," he said.

Out of the 188 sexual harassment reports, he said 110 were received by the ministry, 72 by All Women's Action Society, and six by the Malaysian Employers Federation.

Lim expressed confidence that all companies would adopt the code of practice as the response to the national workshop was overwhelming.

He said employees and their trade unions could also play a clear role in creating a work climatefree from sexual harassment through an awareness and sensitivity campaign.

Lim also said a special division to handle sexual harassment issues would be established at the Labour Department headquarters.

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