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The History of Malaysia

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  History of Southeast Asia

Political history of Malaysia

Mahathir and Anwar: PM keeps a tight grip on reins of power
From the Bangkok Post, 22 October, 1997. In the mounting crisis, issue of whether Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad should yield power to his deputy, Anwar Ibrahim. A comparison of the two men and their bases of support.
Power struggle looms over faltering economy
By Craig Skehan, Herald, 27 June 1998. Minister Anwar Ibrahim makes veiled criticisms of President Mahathir Mohamad-backed bailouts of politically well-connected Malaysian businessmen.
Tian Chua Released on Bail and Hundreds Charged for "Illegal Assembly"
from Asian Human Rights Commission, Maylaysian Update, UA 20/99: Freedom of assembly denied, 4 May 1999.

Economic History of Malaysia

Malyasian PM takes on IMF
A dialog on Labor-L, September 1997. Malaysian prime minister reverses his attitutde toward globalization.
Bank depositors panic in Malaysia
By Maurice Williams, in the Militant, 13 October, 1997. Fallout from the devaluation of the Thai currency in July and evidence the regional economic crisis continues.
Malaysia Survives Dire Predictions
By Paul Blustein, Washington Post, Wednesday, May 19, 1999; Page E01.
Good News for Palm Oil Firms, Not for Indigenous People
By Roshan Lal, IPS, 18 August 1999.

Labor history of Malaysia

Bangladeshi workers in the textile industry in Penang: People or commodities?
By Anja Rudnick, Amsterdam, in Global Alternative Media Newsletter, 4 October, 1995.
Foreign workers will bear brunt of job losses
From Singapore Press, 2 January 1998
Fed Up, Rubber Workers Rise in Protest
By Anil Netto, IPS, 4 May 1999.
Plight of Indian migrant workers in Malaysia
Press releases, 6 October 1999.

Social history of Malaysia

Stiffer penalties for Muslim
UPI, 5 December, 1966. Resort island of Penang acquires religious laws that provides for canning for Muslims who commit sexual offenses.
Sarawak natives detailed for protest against oil palm plantation on their native customary land (NCL)
From Shabat Alam Malaysia (SAM: Friends of the Earth, Malaysia), 29 April, 1997. Re Ilban peoples.
Modern, and Moderate, Islam
By Zainah Anwar, in AsiaWeek, 16 September, 1997. The suggestive display of three Muslim girls in the Miss Malaysia Petite Contest triggers federal reforms of the shariah in a conservative direction, betraying women's hopes for moderate reforms in Islam.
Ah Lek: Code ready in a month
By Celeste Fong, Star Malaysia, 2 March 1999. Re. legal prohibition of sexual harassment on the job.
400,000 workers lost to drug abuse
By The New Straits Times, 30 August 1999. Re. an important effect of capitalist globalization.

Cultural History of Malaysia

International studies faculty for University of Malaya
By Simrit Kaur, Star Malaysia, Tuesday, 25 November, 1997.
Academics Speak Out At Their Own Risk
By Anil Netto, IPS, 14 June 1999.

History of Malaysian Telecommunications and media

Malaysia Keeps Tight Control Over Internet Providers
By Michael Bociurkiw, in Asia Times, 24 February, 1997. Government has stopped permitting more providers, it says, until demand catches up. But figures suggest there's sufficient demand for continued expansion.
Panel to screen foreign reports
from Star Malaysia, Wednesday, 19 November 1997.
Journalist's resignation chills media
From Hong Kong Standard, Thursday 16 July 1998. Johan Jaafar is editor-in-chief of Utusan Melayu Utusan Melayu (Malaysia), who it is felt was forced out by government displeasure of the Utusan newsgroup it dominates.

Resources for Malaysian history

Effect of economic development on indigenous groups in Sarawak
By Bala Pillai, 13 September 1997. Resources for development and Sarawak studies.

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