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Date: Sat, 13 Dec 1997 16:32:55 +1100
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From: Bala Pillai <bala@APIC.NET>
Subject: Re: Sarawak f Malaysia
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Effect of economic development on indigenous groups in Sarawak

By Bala Pillai
13 September 1997

At 03:06 PM 12/9/97 -0500, Natalie Weaver wrote:
>I am working on a senior undergraduate thesis on Malaysian economic
>development and its effect on indigenous groups in Sarawak. I have been
>researching this topic for several months now, and am in need of more
>information, possibly critiques and other information concerning Malaysian
>development. Any leads would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

While a bit tedious, you'll get lots of "from the ground" information on the malaysia.net website at http://malaysia.net

Specific areas: Sarawak Talk - you may want to post there as well at http://www.malaysia.net/sarawak Sangkancil - click onto to it from http://malaysia.net and do go through the archived messages

Yes, you will hear some about the development plans but more about how and why they went awry :-)

If I were you I'd participate in Sarawak Talk for a few months and get a feel for the views of the different ethnic, political and apolitical groups there.


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