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Date: 31 Jan 1995 09:03:06
Reply-To: Conference "reg.burma" <reg.burma@conf.igc.apc.org>
From: cfink@sol.uvic.ca
Subject: KNU Statement
To: Recipients of conference <reg.burma@conf.igc.apc.org>
Message-ID: <Pine.SUN.3.90.950131085202.21127C-100000@sol>

From: Christina Fink <cfink@sol.uvic.ca>

KNU Statement

From the KNU
31 January 1995

A KNU representative asked me to post the following statement:

The fall of Manerplaw, the KNU military headquarters, is not the end of the Karen revolution. We will keep fighting until democracy is achieved in Burma and ethnic minority groups are free from oppression. When we started the revolution over 40 years ago, we knew that there would be setbacks. Today we have lost the battle, but we will never lose the war. This is because as human beings, we all need freedom. Without freedom, there is no point in living. The Karen will continue to fight until we achieve freedom, no matter how many years that will take.

At this point, there are close to 10,000 refugees in three different areas on the Thai side of the border across from Manerplaw. There are also Karen refugees who are fleeing to Thailand near Mae Sot and Kanchanaburi. These refugees were able to bring only a few things with them, and within a week they will be short of food. The refugees urgently need food and medical supplies. Please send any contributions you can as soon as possible. Thank you.

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