The history of Kawthoolei (Karen State): The KNU to fall of Manerplaw

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Kawmoora Offensive
By Htun Aung Gyaw, 9 February 1995. SLORC attack on KNU Kawmoora camp in 1989 and its use of Thai soil.
Translated Letter From Burma (DKBA)
From Sayadaw U Thu Za Na & Myae Kyi Ngu, 2 January 1995. The campaign of Karen Buddhists to get refugees to return to Burma and live peacefully there. While the Buddhist leadership preferred negotiations, the Christian leadership, under Bo Mya, sought military confrontation, which soon led to disaster at Manerplaw.
Whither KNU?
From the Democratic Kayin Buddhist Organization (DKBO), The New Light of Myanmar, 29 January 1995. A detailed analysis of the development of a split between the Democratic Kayin Buddhist Organization (DKBO) and the faction of Bo Mya, leader of the KNU, from the incident of December 1994.
KNU Statement
31 January 1995. The fall of Manerplaw not the end of the KNU struggle for Karen independence, according to the Christian leadership, which under Bo Mya, had adopted a confrontational position despite internal divisions over policy. Problems faced by refugees across the border in Thailand.
Fall of Manerplaw
Government of Australia, Minister of Foreign Affairs. 31 January 1995. Australian government position on the SLORC offensive.
More of the same in Myanmar
Editorial, Japan Times, 4 February 1995. SLORC takes the Karen minority fortified headquarters at Manerplaw, forcing the KNU and the democratic movement students who had found refuge there to take flight into Thailand and to shift back to guerilla war methods.
Burmese attack could doom independence struggle
UPI, 8 February 1995. The taking of Manerplaw.
Letter to A. Ouellet on Burma and press release from ICHRDD
By Edward Broadbent, International Center for Human Rights. 9 Feburary 1995. The ICHRDD condemns SLORC's attack on the Karen at Manerplaw.