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From: Wallace Charles-CCW017 <Charles.Wallace@MOTOROLA.COM>
Subject: God's Army
Date: Monday, May 01, 2000 10:03 AM

God's Army

From Charles Wallace
1 may 2000

For some background on how Christianity got jump started among the Karen people, under rather amazing circumstances, see the book "Eternity in their Hearts", by Don Richardson. In this book, the story is told of how the Karen people of Burma had a long standing prophecy (hundreds of years? More?) amongst them that one day a white man carrying a black book would show them the true way.

One day a missionary shows up with the Bible, and Whoosh!, a ton of them become Christians (well, you'll have to read it yourself to get the real detail). They basically told him they'd been expecting him.

As I understand it, this God's Army is a quasi-Christian thing, so this book might help clarify it's development somewhat.

Charles Wallace

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