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History of Kawthoolei (The Karen State)

The social and cultural history of the Karen

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   The history of Kawthoolei (Karen State) in general
God's Army
From Charles Wallace, 1 may 2000. Brief summary of a cited work on how Christianity started among the Karen, the majority of whom are Buddhist.
For Karen Refugees, Life is Permanent Limbo
By Prangtip Daorueng, 13 September 1998. The difficult life of Karen refugees from Burma living in northern Thailand.
Is this a tourist attraction or a violation of human rights?
Straits Times, 18 November 1997. The parading of long-neck Karens for the benefit of tourists in Thailand. The Karens inhabit a "human zoo" and their rights have been abused by opportunists who use the tribal villagers to cash in on tourism. The long necks are the result of brass neck rings placed on young girls.

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