The retrospective history of the Union of Myanmar (Burma)

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Lu Shai British Expedition (c. 1889)
By Geoff Wade, 6 January 1999. British incursion at the expense of the Shan peoples of the the Chin Hills area.
The Statement of National League for Democracy-Liberated Area (Youth) on the occasion of 10th Anniversary of 8-8-88 Democratic Uprising
6 August 1998. 8-8-88 marks the abortive national bourgeois revolution in Burma.
L.A. judge to issue oral ruling on Unocal's liability in human rights case
By Paul Chavez, The Miami Herald, Thursday 22 January 2004. A Superior Court judge said she will issue an oral ruling Friday on whether Unocal Corp. or its subsidiaries should be held accountable for alleged human rights abuses carried out in the 1990s by the Myanmar military during a pipeline project.