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Subject: Resources on East Timor
Updated September 1995.

Electronic Resources on East Timor

From East Timor Action Network (United States)
September, 1995

The rapid growth of computer networking is a good match with the renewed activity, information-sharing and internationalism of the East Timor support movement. There are a number of resources available over the Internet, and more are being added all the time. Please let us know of any additions or corrections.

The first three lists (alerts, reg.easttimor, and Network News) are maintained manually. For access, contact John M. Miller ( or Charles Scheiner ( ETAN/US also maintains a postal mailing list (for the newsletter and other mailings), a fax list for alerts, and a phone list. Even if you only wish to receive electronic material, we would appreciate having your postal mailing address, phone and fax numbers.

Alert list

East Timor Action Network/US has a electronic mailing list for action alerts. These alerts deal with lobbying the US government, severe human rights violations and the like. Items are sent as needed, and postings average 1 per month.


Reg.easttimor is a conference (newsgroup) which originates from the Alliance for Progressive Communications (APC) member networks (PeaceNet, GreenNet, Pegasus, etc.). Reg.easttimor contains postings from a wide range of sources, including the National Council of Maubere Resistance (CNRM), ETAN/US, TAPOL, and support groups in Australia, Portugal, Japan, France, Canada, Sweden, England, Ireland and elsewhere. Reports and translations from wire services and the Indonesian, Portuguese, Australian, British, U.S. and Irish press also regularly appear there, as well as official documents and statements from the U.N., national governments, and other sources. Postings average 6-10 per day, although the frequency varies with the pace of East Timor-related events. This conference is available by email with read/write access to any Internet address; write or if you are interested.

If you subscribe directly to PeaceNet or one of its sister networks you will have easier access to the conference, including past material. For information about PeaceNet, a non-profit progressive networking service run by the Institute for Global Communications (IGC) in San Francisco, send a message to

There is a reg.easttimor newsreader on the Web page run by the East Timor Center for Human Rights Education and Training in Melbourne. Unfortunately, it only works for people accessing the Web through an APC network.

Weekly summaries of are on ETAN's gopher (see below) and on the web at Reg.easttimor items, slightly selected and delayed, are also at the University of Lisbon WWW site (see below).

An abridged, read-only version of reg.easttimor, with an average of two daily postings, is on APC as the conference tapol.etimor. This is also available as e-mail; send a note to to receive it.

The APC also has conferences reg.indonesia and reg.westpapua. The latter is available by email; write All four of these APC conferences can be queried from GreenNet by email. To get the conference index, send email to: (with anything you like in the subject line) and a body like:

send <conf_name> index
send tapol.etimor index
send reg.westpapua index

These indexes -- which contain one line per posting with the topic title, data, and poster's name -- can be long; some of these conferences have over 500 items in them.

After receiving the index, you can retrieve a particular topic (or topics) with another message to with a body like:

send <conf_name> <topic_#>
send tapol.etimor 608
send reg.westpapua 3

You can send more than one query per message, just put each one on a separate line. The topics will come back by email, one email per query. It will be broken into smallish chunks, mostly to accommodate people at the far ends of FIDO-style point software.

Topic numbers change every few days, so use the index soon after you get it, and don't refer to topics by number in any postings.

Network News

ETAN/US prepares an electronic version of its newsletter, NETWORK NEWS, which averages eight printed pages. Many prefer the paper version of the newsletter to e-mailed one.


ETAN maintains background information, including weekly summaries of reg.easttimor, in the Institute for Global Communications Gopher. To access the East Timor information go to IGC's public gopher. Type 'gopher' and look under the "Peace, Human Rights and Social Justice." The URL for this gopher is

World-Wide Web

East Timor information in English is on the World-Wide Web at the University of Lisbon This include both background and current information, and links to many other systems including the IGC Gopher.

Amnesty International's Indonesia & East Timor material is available through or

Other well-maintained East Timor pages include: and

A good "course" on East Timor and other reference materials are at although this site is not kept up to date.

Legal and historical background are at


The Usenet newsgroup soc.culture.portuguese includes information on East Timor in both Portuguese and English. The soc.culture.indonesia group discussion of East Timor is mostly flaming debates, with little substantive English-language material not available elsewhere. and soc.rights.human also contain materials. Several mailing lists, including SEASIA-L@MSU.EDU (bit.listserv.seasia-l as a newsgroup) and INDONESIA-L (a private list mediated by, also contain materials, but have little on East Timor in English that does not appear in reg.easttimor. INDONESIA-L does have a lot of material in Bahasa Indonesia.

INDONESIA-L is available on the Web at

There is a summary of INDONESIA-L at

East Timor Action Network / United States
P.O. Box 1182, White Plains, NY 10602 USA
Tel.(914)428-7299 fax:(914)428-7383

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