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History of Occupied East Timor

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 History of Indonesia in general

Research resources

Electronic Resources on East Timor
From the East Timor Action Network (United States). 12 March, 1995. Although by now dated, should nevertheless be of some use.

Retrospective history

How come Indonesians forget their history?
By Paul H. Salim. The analogy of East Timor's declaration of independence on 28th November 1975 and Indonesia's declaration of independence on 17th August 1945.
Indonesia strongly rejects U.N. rights body motion
Reuter. Jakarta's invasion and annexation of Portugal's colony in 1975-76 is not recognized by the United Nations.

General and political history

After the Bamboo curtain has been pulled down again
A speech by George J. Aditjondro, 12 November, 1995, in commemoration of the Dili massacre in 1991.
East Timorese writer visits Sydney
By Janet Parker, 21 May, 1997. Activist and writer Naldo Rai.
Timorese students reject Indonesian election
Agence France Press. 28 May, 1997.
Mandela calls for release of Xanana Gusmao
From AFP, Pretoria. 30 July 1997. Nelson Mandela seeks to help the United Nations effort by meeting with East Timorese rebel leader Xanana Gusmao and President Suharto.
Indonesia and East Timor relevent excerpts from Unofficial Transscript
[US] Secretary of State before Senate Foreign Relations Comittee. August 1, 1997. Secretary Christopher briefly discusses what the State Department sees as future trends.

Labor history

Indonesian military harasses East Timorese workers after strike at Nike plant
Human rights observers are concerned for safety of Timorese workers. From East Timor Independence (New Zealand). 17 June 1997.

Social history

A message to the Beijing Conference from the East Timorese Women
From Lafai Lighur of the Clandestine Resistance. 6 September 1995.
From One Day To Another: Violations of Women's Reproductive and Sexual Rights in East Timor
East Timor Women Coerced by Family Planning Program. By Miranda Sissons, International Relations Program, Yale University. 23 June 1997. An appeal for international support. The experience of women in occupied East Timor.

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