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Date: Tue, 12 Dec 1995 14:22:52 -0800
Sender: H-Net list for Asian History and Culture <H-ASIA@msu.edu>
Subject: H-ASIA: India, China, Japan: current events on the internet
December 12, 1995

Current events on the internet

A dialog from the H-Asia list, December 1995

From: paer.cassel@mailbox.swipnet.se (Paer Cassel)
Re: Information about China on the Net.

Here follows a number of newspapers that are available on the net in Chinese and English:

Mingpao (Hong Kong, Big5): <http://www.cuhk.hk/mingpao/>
Hong Kong Standard: <http://www.hkstandard.com/>
Sing Tao (Hong Kong, Big5): <http://www.singtao.com/news/header/t_chi.html>
Sin Chew Jit Poh (Malaysia, Big5): <http://www.mol.net.my/~sinchew/>
The Star: <http://www.jaring.my/star/>
Lianhe Zaobao (Singapore, Guobiao): <http://www.sph.com.sg/zaobao/zaobao.html>
Global Chinese Electronic Daily News (USA, Guobiao): <http://www.infocom.net/~gedn/>
CND WWW server: (USA, Guobiao/Big 5): <http://www.cnd.org/>

Paer Cassel
University of Stockholm

From: reinhard@iso.iso.unibas.ch

The address for CND is:

China News Digest (CND) offers the following services:

(1) Global News (Every Other Day) (2) US Regional News
(3) Canada Regional News (4) Europe & Pacific Regional News
(5) HXWZ (Weekly Chinese Magazine) (6) InfoBase
CND back issues, database and related information are available via:
ftp://cnd.org []; gopher://cnd.org; http://www.cnd.org
For Readers in Canada: ftp://canada.cnd.org []
To subscribe or get information, mail requests to: CND-INFO@CND.ORG
To contribute news, e-mail: CND-EDITOR@CND.ORG

Reinhard Vonthein, University of Basel

Ed. note: We received similar information from Jon Q. Lu <pr0306215@vaxa.ccri.cc.ri.us> and from Mark B. Griffith <griffithm@yvax.byu.edu>

Thanks to both.

From: PaulHoward@aol.com

For currents events in China, the China News Digest is good. Volunteer stringers from China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong contribute most of the news, it seems. There are several different CNDs, but the one I subscribe to is the one for general news about China, called CND-Global. It is distributed every other day and usually features 5-10 news items, sports news, and financial news.

To subscribe, send the message SUB CHINA-NN <your name> to LISTSERV@ASUVM.INRE.ASU.EDU (or LISTSERV@ASUACAD.BITNET).

There are also CND lists for news briefs for and about Chinese students in Canada, in Europe and the Pacific, and in the US.

More information and addresses for other lists can be obtained from an article in China Exchange News 22:4 (Winter 1994) published by the Committee on Scholarly Communication with China in Washington. The article is China Studies Resources on the Internet, although it is by no means complete or up-to-date.

Paul W. Howard, PhD candidate
Department of History,
University of Pennsylvania
3401 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6228

From: pjherz@midwest.net (Peter Jeffrey Herz)

With respect to news from China:

Peter J. Herz