The media in the People's Republic of China

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The press in the People's Republic of China

Current events on the internet
A dialog from the H-Asia list, December 1995. An effort to list sources of information found in Chinese newspapers available on line.
China's home-grown paparazzi tapping a growing appetite for scandal
AFP, 14 December 2000. Emergence of scandal-mongering press. Improved standard of living linked with need to satisfy prurient interests. The number of entertainment magazines and tabloids has ballooned, and even government-oriented papers have accomodated capitalist culture.
Propaganda chief reasserts control
AP, South China Morning Post, 31 March 2001. Media can compete for readers in an expanding market but the state must maintain primary ownership and control content. While offering colorful layout and more lively crime, sports and economic stories, the Beijing Youth Daily and like-minded competitors hew carefully to the government line on political and social matters.
JIANG Zemin Calls for Vigilance Against Negative Foreign Influences
China News Digest, 14 January 2002. A national media meeting discussed guidelines for the coverage of political and social events to ensure a stable atmosphere before the 16th Congress of the CCP. Negative influences as China is integrated into WTO; avoid ideological chaos; reports on natural and man-made disasters be strictly supervised to avoid intensifying the public's grief.
China's First Business Daily Set to Launch
China News Digest, 14 May 2002. Debut of the Beijing Modern Business News, China's first business news daily with a general news base. The Beijing Modern Business News is the latest daily paper to be published by the Beijing Daily Newspaper Group, which has successfully promoted the Beijing Daily, Beijing Evening News, and Beijing Morning Post. To provide practical business information and views from a Beijing perspective.

Television in the People's Republic of China

China to Open Sky to Foreign TV broadcasting
China News Digest, 24 October 2001. China's broadcasting regulation authority will allow more foreign TV services to operate within China. Rupert Murdoch's News Corp and AOL Time Warner will soon start cable services, and the foreign broadcasters that have been allowed to operate in China will have to provide distribution rights to China's state-owned CCTV network.
Plan Unveiled to Digitize Television System in China
China News Digest, 16 February 2002. A comprehensive plan to replace analog TV with digital broadcasting across the entire country by 2015. The U.S. has begun provisioning digital TV system and will saturate the country by 2006 and the EU by 2012. China started the development of digital TV in the early 1990s and now has made remarkable achievements.