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Date: Mon, 9 Aug 1999 08:54:12 -1000
Sender: Southeast Asia Discussion List <SEASIA-L@LIST.MSU.EDU>
From: Vincent K Pollard <pollard@HAWAII.EDU>
Subject: TW/PRC Cyberwarfare CND-Global Extra, 9.VIII.1999 (fwd)

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Date: Mon, 9 Aug 1999 08:14:26 -1000
From: CND-Global Editors <cnd-editor@cnd.org>

Taiwan and Mainland Governmental Web Sites Compromised

China News Digest, Global News, No. GL99-111, Monday Extra 9 August 1999

[CND, 08/09/99] Cyber-warfare between the mainland and Taiwan appeared to have started Sunday 8/8/99.

Several Taiwanese agencies' web sites have been hacked. They include the Control Yuan, Pingtung county government, the Construction and Planning Administration, as well as some university sites. The top page of the hacked sites were replaced with anti-Taiwan-independence slogans.

Today a Taiwanese cable TV channel showed that the mainland government's Railway Ministry web site has been hacked to show the nationalist flag and some pro-Taiwan-independence slogan, AFP reported. It is not clear if any of these hacking activities have any trace of official sanction. (TANG Hong)