The history of the IT, media, and telecommunications of East Asia as a whole

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Taiwan and Mainland Governmental Web Sites Compromised
China News Digest, Global News, No. GL99-111, 9 August 1999. The mainland government's Railway Ministry web site has been hacked to show the nationalist flag and some pro-Taiwan-independence slogan, and Several Taiwanese agencies' web sites have been hacked. It is not clear if any of these hacking activities have any trace of official sanction.
Chinese plan to hack into Taiwan websites
AFP, The Straits Times, 10 October 2000. Hackers from mainland who attacked several government websites in May this year are likely to strike again as Taiwan celebrates its National Day. Computer hackers from Taiwan and China battled it out on the Internet in August last year after then Taiwan President Lee Teng-hui characterised Taiwan's relationship with the mainland as special state-to-state ties.