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Sichuan Shuts Down All Types of Small Coal Mines for Rectification

Boxun News, China Labour Bulletin, 21 May 2001

Recently, three disastrous coal mine production accidents in a row have happened in Sichuan, causing heavy casualties. Yesterday evening, Sichuan Provincial Government issued an urgent direction, requiring all small coal mines in the province be shut down for rectification.

Since May 18, three coal mine accidents have happened in Sichuan. On May 18, at 9 AM, water poured into the Nanxi Qinalongzui Coal Mine in Yibin, causing 39 miners to be trapped underground, their fates unknown. On May 20 at 8 AM, a grave gas explosion occurred at the coal factory of the Yibin Xingwen County Huangjiagou Sulphide Iron Mine, causing four fatalities. Two hours later, Guangan City Guangan District Shilin Coal Mine was hit by a grave gas explosion. So far eight people are known dead, seven are missing.

Xinhua News Agency today reports that the Sichuan Provincial Government's orders regarding shutting down small coal mines for rectification include the following:

1.Starting from today, all small coal mines in the province must shut down production for rectification. For those that are not shut down according to orders, not only will the owners and managers be held responsible, but the local leaders who are in charge will also be held responsible.

2.The large mines should be checked well by well for their implementation of production safety measures in order to eliminate hidden perils. Those that cannot pass the check should be shut down for rectification as well.

3.Carry through the guidance of safety and prevention first. For potential serious accidents, preparation cases must be opened. Once a serious accident occurs, the local officials who are in charge must arrive to the scene for the rescue.