The economic history of Sichuan Province

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Kong Tai Shoes Mfg. Co., Ltd.
By Li Qiang, China Labor Watch, after January 2000. A report on working conditions in the Kong Tai Shoes Mfg. Co. that produces for Reebok. Reebok's company union and human rights office on premisis are largely symbolic. Reebock's respose to mistreatment of workers also merely symbolic.
Sichuan Shuts Down All Types of Small Coal Mines for Rectification
Boxun News, reprinted in China Labour Bulletin, 21 May 2001. Since May 18, three coal mine accidents have occurred in Sichuan. looding and two gas explosions caused many deaths. Owners and managers be held accountable for closure of their mine, and safety inspections carried out in larger mines, with specialemphasis on prevention.
Coal Mine Gas Explosion Happened In Sichuan Again; At Least 8 People Died
Workers Daily, reprinted in China Labour Bulletin, 22 May 2001. In view of the consecutive disastrous coal mine safety incidents recently, Sichuan Provincial Government ordered all small coal mines in the province be shut down for corrective measures. Eight coal mine safety teams sent to key areas to conduct public and secret investigations to ensure safety measures are implemented down to grass-root units.