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Subject: H-ASIA: Deng Guangming
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Date: January 15, 1998
From: Hoyt Tillman <athct@asuvm.inre.asu.edu>

Deng Guangming

Obituary, 15 January 1998

With a heavy heart, I am forwarding this message regarding Professor Deng Guangming's death on January 10th. He had been in the hospital since July 8th suffering from cancer. His research and publications on Song history, as well as his training of many major Song scholars, made him the leading figure among Song historians in China. He was also Hu Shi's personal secretary in the 1940s, right up to the time that Hu Shi flew out of Beijing and headed for Taiwan. Professor Deng was an engaging conversationalist and I enjoyed many discussions with him in his home, especially during my two years at Beida in the early 1980s. Especially during those chats, I got to know his warm personality and his enduring commitment to continuing and enhancing the study of Chinese history in China. He devoted much of his energy in retirement to advising graduate students and young professors. He was the head of China's association for Song historians and he spearheaded the founding of the Center for the Study of Medieval China at Beijing University. One of his three daughters, Deng Xiaonan, continues his part of his work, teaching Song history at Beijing University. Professor Deng was among the foremost Chinese historians of the twentieth century, and his publications will live on to enhance understanding of Chinese history. Many historians will also cherish memories of their opportunities to talk with him and correspond with him. His death is a great loss to the Song history field.

Hoyt Tillman (Tian Hao)

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Professor Deng Guangming, 91, passed away at 9:50 a.m., Saturday, January 10, 1998, in Beijing. Professor Deng devoted himself to teaching and research of Chinese history and made great contribution to these fields. We mourn with deep grief over his death.

The Funeral Committee of Professor Deng Guangming
Department of History
Peking University