The historiography of the
People's Republic of China

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Deng Guangming
Obituary, 15 January 1998. The death of Professor Deng Guangming, January 10, 1998. His research and publications on Song history, as well as his training of many major Song scholars, made him the leading figure among Song historians in China.
References on the interpretation of Chinese history
Dialog from the H-Asia list, February 1998. Seeks references regarding the interpretation of Chinese history and the contribution of the methodology of Western historiography to the development of Chinese historiography. Various works in English are cited.
Review of James S. Olson, An Ethnohistorical Dictionary of China
By Magnus Fiskesjo, University of Chicago, 15 December 1998. There has long existed a need for comprehensive guides in English to the ethnonyms in China in the present, as well as historically. The book lists a large number of ethnonyms from all of China's ethnic frontiers and sometimes beyond, including even parts of Central Asia, with a number of small ethnic groups that might also be represented within China's current borders. Bibliographical references limited to English. Tt is difficult to recommend this dictionary.