Resources for the study of the
People's Republic of China

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China to Hold Expo of Digital Info for Public Service
Xinhua, 10 May 2002. China will hold its first exhibition of digital info-service for the public and related technology in Beijing. The aim of the exhibition is to upgrade cooperation and exchanges in the field and serve as a market survey for future bids for the construction of the China Digital Library.
Magellan Map of the People's Republic of China
A general political map of China from 1997.

Recommended Readings

Undergraduate Readings on Chinese Women
A dialog on the H-Asia list, July 1998. Essays suitable for undergraduate reading that would address the status of women in China, tracing changes since the period of heavy Western contact in the 19th century.
Books on Mao's thought
A dialog from the H-Asia list, October 1998. A request for readings suited to an upper-division undergraduate course in the history of Chinese thought.

Book Reviews

Review of Kathleen L. Lodwick, Review of Ding Yizhuang, Zhongguo zhiqingshi: Chulan 1953-1968 (A History of the Chinese Rusticated Youths: the Early Ripples 1953-1968)
Reviewed for H-List by Jerome Chen,, York University. As if to disagree with these two solidly researched, carefully footnoted, and lucidly narrated volumes, the PRC decided to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the rustication of its best educated youth last year by publishing reams of reminiscences.
Review of Iris Chang, The Rape of Nanking: The Forgotten Holocaust of World War II
Reviewed for H-Asia by Robert Entenmann, St. Olaf College. The Rape of Nanking refers to the wholescale murder of nearly 200,000 Chinese prisoners of war and civilians by Japanese troops occupying Nanking, as Japanese discipline collapsed. This book acclaimed because of her account of the massacre, a vivid and gut-wrenching narration, although as history, the book seriously flawed.