Anti-Independence Protesters in Taiwan Burn US Flag

By Dong LIU, CND, 20 May 2002

[CND, 05/20/02] Anti-independence protesters in Taiwan burned a US flag during a march on Sunday against US backing of the splittists, AFP reported.

The number of protesters reached hundreds. They were demanding the reunification with the mainland. They were also warning that independence would bring disaster to the 23 million people in Taiwan.

When the protesters got to the American Institute in Taiwan, a mask of US President George W. Bush was put on the ground where a US flag was laid. We put Bush on the ground because he owes Taiwanese people an apology, said a protest leader. They torched the US flag.

Banners carried by protesters included slogans such as Better to be Chinese than an American dog and One China to save Taiwan.

The protest came right before the anniversary of Chen Shui-bian’s second year in office.