The foreign relations of Taiwan

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Taiwan and U.S. Media
6 September 1995. A letter from Chau-Yi Lin on the misrepresentation of the Taiwan Independence Movement (TIM) in the KMT and US press.
Taiwan Stepping up Drive to Secure African Ties
By Alice Hung, Reuters, 6 February 1998. Taiwan is stepping up efforts to secure ties with its handful of allies in Africa to counter rival China's intensifying diplomatic squeeze. The trip will be Hu's third to the region since China lured away Taiwan's biggest ally, South Africa.
A Protest Statement regarding the Clinton-Jiang meeting
22 October 1997. Representatives of Taiwan's pro-independence and anti-nuclear organizations approach America's unofficial agency in Taiwan, the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT), to demand human rights and international justice for Taiwan. The February 28th Massacre of 1947 and its ensuing fifty-years of martial rule was a historically inevitable tragedy caused by the exploitations of Taiwan by eastern and western powers.
Chen Shui-bian Vows to End Taiwan's International Isolation
By Kenneth XIAN, CND, 7 June 2001. Taiwanese president CHEN Shui-bian pledged Tuesday to raise the island state's international profile, returning from his 5-state visit to Latin America. He made stopovers in New York and Houston, which sparked an angry row between Beijing and Washington.
Formosan Association Celebrates 20th Anniversary
By Dong LIU, CND, 14 January 2002. This Washington-based non-profit organization promotes international support for the rights of people in Taiwan, as well as peace and security for the island. As overseas Taiwanese, it's our duty to help safeguard Taiwan's security from abroad; The example set by the American Israeli Public Affairs Council is a perfect one to follow.
Anti-Independence Protesters in Taiwan Burn US Flag
By Dong LIU, CND, 20 May 2002. Anti-independence protesters in Taiwan burned a US flag during a march on Sunday against US backing of the splittists. They demanded reunification with the mainland and warned that independence would bring disaster to the people of Taiwan.
Pro-independence Party Lawmakers Call for Referendum on Direct Links
By Dong LIU, CND, 12 November 2002. Members of the pro-independence TSU party plan to introduce a resolution this week that urges the government to hold a non-binding referendum on direct links with the mainland.