Chen Shui-bian Vows to End Taiwan’s International Isolation

By Kenneth XIAN, CND, 7 June 2001

[CND, 06/07/01] Taiwanese president CHEN Shui-bian pledged Tuesday to raise the island state’s international profile, returning from his 5-state visit to Latin America, agencies reported.

President Chen has made highly noticeable stopovers in New York and Houston, which sparked an angry row between Beijing and Washington. Arriving at Chiang Kai Shek International Airport in Taipei, Mr. Chen said his trip to El Salvador, Guatemala, Panama, Paraguay, and Honduras has highlighted the fact that The Republic of China is an independent sovereignty state, and Taiwan has to stand up and walk out of the diplomatic isolation.

Meanwhile, Chen’s diplomatic efforts have been quite offset by the possibility that Marcedonia, one of the 29 countries that keep diplomatic relations with Taiwan, may switch its recognition to China. Taiwanese officials said that they will make utmost effort to maintain the relations with Marcedonia.