Formosan Association Celebrates 20th Anniversary

By Dong LIU, CND, 14 January 2002

[CND, 01/14/02] The Formosan Association for Public Affairs is convening in Taipei to celebrate its 20th anniversary, the Taipei Times reported.

The Washington-based non-profit organization promotes international support for the rights of people in Taiwan, as well as peace and security for the island.

As overseas Taiwanese, it’s our duty to help safeguard Taiwan’s security from abroad, said We Ming-chi, president of the association. The example set by the American Israeli Public Affairs Council is a perfect one to follow.

The association has set two long-term goals of getting Taiwan into the United Nations and the World Health Organization. I recommend that Taiwan gain observer status at the World Health Organization and that President Chen Shui-bian decide under what name that should be, Wu said. It’s not my business what name Taiwan chooses for itself within the international community.