Pro-independence Party Lawmakers Call for Referendum on Direct Links

By Dong LIU, CND, 12 November 2002

[CND, 11/12/02] Members of the pro-independence TSU party plan to introduce a resolution this week that urges the government to hold a non-binding referendum on direct links with the mainland, the Taipei Times reported.

The two lawmakers, Chen Chien-ming and Lo Chih-ming, have designed the question for the referendum.

Chen said that the issue of direct transportation links with the mainland had become an important issue but politicians had widely different views on the issue.

At the moment, it is necessary to learn what people really need and really wish, he said. The proposed consultative referendum can be a great reference for the government to work out what to do.

Chen said there is now no referendum law in Taiwan and that the resolution would not change this. Nevertheless, Chen said he hoped the government would abide by the resolution, although it is not obliged to do so.