Recession drives Taiwanese men to change their sex

The Straits Times, 30 December 2000

TAIPEI—A deepening recession and shrinking job market have strengthened the conviction of many Taiwanese men with transsexual leanings to resort to sex change as a way out of their economic problems.

According to an association which gives care to men with transsexual tendencies, Taiwanese inflicted with a gender identity problem make up about 3 per cent of the population, and the number is still increasing.

Most of those determined to shed their manhood would have it done in Thailand, where charges could go as low as NT$200,000 (S$10,600), according to a report in China Times.

There are also doctors in Taiwan who are willing to perform the operation.

After the operation, almost all the transsexuals would keep their original identity secret, the association pointed out.

In general, it is hard for effeminate men in Taiwan to find satisfactory employment.

But the current recession has made them more determined to change sex so that they can become female entertainers or guest-relation officers. Some may end up being prostitutes.

The association reveals that only a few of the transsexuals had found happiness.

Therefore, it advises that all who desire sex change to psychologically prepare themselves for two years before making that critical leap.