The history of women and gender in Taiwan

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Taiwanese Women's Rights—Call for HELP
From the Awakening Foundation in Taipei, Taiwan. 15 March 1995. Taiwan's first and oldest feminist NGO has submitted a revision to the Book of Family of the 1920 Taiwanese Civil Codes.
The Death of a Leading Feminist Advocate: The Cry for a Secure Society for Women
From Taiwan Women, 10 December 1996. Taiwan Women Camp Committee. 10 December 1996. Brutal rape and murder of Winnie Wan-ru Pong, the director of Department for Women Development in Democratic Progressive Party and Taiwan's leading feminist activist.
A good woman is not hard to find
By Hsu Chia-ching, Taipei Times, Wednesday 8 March 2000. In recent years, we in the women's movement have realized that one big issue is the dearth of women in leadership positions, especially in political life. A list of my favorite candidates for all the major ministries and councils of the Executive Yuan.
Recession drives Taiwanese men to change their sex
The Straits Times, 30 December 2000. A deepening recession and shrinking job market have strengthened the conviction of many Taiwanese men with transsexual leanings to resort to sex change as a way out of their economic problems. In general, it is hard for effeminate men in Taiwan to find satisfactory employment.
For the woman who wants to be in control: Fancy a ‘pet man’?
AFP, The Straits Times, Monday 26 February 2001. A Taiwanese Internet game reduces men to virtual pets, and both men and women find breaking free of traditional gender roles appealing.