Taiwan Reverses Ban on Hong Kong-Based TV Network

By LIU Weijun, CND, 3 September 2002

[CND, 09/03/02] The Taiwanese government has given permission to Hong Kong's Phoenix Satellite Television to broadcast its programs on the island's cable TV system, the South China Morning Post reported on Monday.

Both the head of Taiwan's Government Information Office and the CEO of the Hong Kong-based TV network have confirmed the decision, which is a total reversal of an earlier one that would have banned Phoenix TV programs from entering the island. According to Phoenix's CEO, the network is planning to launch its programs in Taiwan early next year.

Last year, Taiwan allowed Phoenix to broadcast to selected areas under a preparatory license, which was later revoked after local rivals had accused its programs of being pro-mainland and unfriendly to the Taiwanese government.

Meanwhile, Taiwan-based Asia Plus and Eastern Television are waiting for approvals from Beijing to broadcast their programs on mainland's cable TV systems.