IT, media, and telecommunications of Taiwan

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Taiwan paper tries to stop police searches
AP, The Straits Times, 9 October 2000. A leading Taiwanese newspaper group filed an injunction to stop investigators from searching the daily's newsrooms and reporters' homes for evidence involving a former intelligence official accused in a money-laundering case.
Chen Shui-bian Tries to Calm Criticism Against Raid on Magazine Offices
By LIU Weijun, CNS, 27 March 2002. Taiwanese President CHEN Shui-bian took on the national security and press freedom issues on Monday to ease criticism over government's recent moves against outspoken media groups.
Taiwan Reverses Ban on Hong Kong-Based TV Network
By LIU Weijun, CND, 3 September 2002. The Taiwanese government has given permission to Hong Kong's Phoenix Satellite Television to broadcast its programs on the island's cable TV system.
Journalists call for better oversight system
By Roger Liu, Taipei Times,, Monday 1 September 2003. A journalism group yesterday urged the nation's embattled media to unite behind a reliable oversight mechanism if they want to improve the quality of news reporting and champion media professionals' rights.