Safety of migrant workers' children draws public attention in Fuzhou

Asian Labour News, 4 August 2004

The children of migrant workers have been involved in many accidents in Minjiang City this summer. Drownings of migrant children in particular have drawn public concern.

For example, on 27 July, an 8 year-old boy died while swimming in a river while his parents were selling vegetables. On 12 July, a 3 year-old girl died in a pool located at a firm in Fuzhou while her parents were working.

The main accident sites are lakes and pools in the countryside (or on the outskirts of suburbia) at which there are no lifeguards. During summer, the children of migrant workers have plenty of time to play together as their parents work long hours. They have no access to recreational facilities or toys and thus play in dangerous places in the countryside. The potential of danger is thus increased. However, it seems the government has no policy to manage this problem.