The social history of Fujian Province

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Human Cargo Big Business
By Linda Slobodian, Sun Media Newspapers (Canada), 20 September 1999. Fujian Province feeds much of the demand for people who board boats to flee their homeland—some of them ending up in Canada. The business of smuggling illegal immigrants is a lucrative one for the organized criminals known as She Tou—snakeheads.
Child labourers uncovered in Fujian
South China Morning Post, 26 November 2003. Zhejiang and Fujian province are the regions with the largest number of child labourers. The lack of education for migrant children in urban areas and for many poor rural residents is a major factor in the continuing existence of child labour.
Safety of migrant workers' children draws public attention in Fuzhou
Asian Labour News, 4 August 2004. The children of migrant workers have been involved in many accidents in Minjiang City this summer. Drownings of migrant children in particular have drawn public concern.