New Policy Address Welcomed in Macao

Xinhua, 22 November 2001

MACAO, November 22 (Xinhua)—The policy address for 2002 delivered by Edmund Ho Hau Wah, chief executive of the Macao Special Administrative Region (SAR), has been warmly welcomed by local people and newspapers.

Members of the Legislative Assembly (LA) agreed that the pragmatic address would be of active significance for Macao's economic development and social stability and the improvement of the people's life, after the chief executive answered their questions at the LA building Wednesday afternoon.

A sample survey shows that more than 50 percent of the Macao people are satisfied with Ho's address, especially the part concerning the economic and fiscal work to be done by the SAR government. Less than 10 percent of the surveyed are unsatisfied with the report.

The third policy address of the SAR government puts its emphasis on the improvement of the people's livelihood. It is a report pursuing reform and development under stability, said an editorial on Thursday's Jornal San Wa Ou.

An article on Thursday's Jornal Seng Pou urged all Macao residents to support the policies of the SAR government to ensure Macao's economic growth and social harmony.