The contemporary political history of the Macao Special Autonomous Region

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China Regains Macau After 442 Years
By Clay Chandler, Washington Post, Monday 20 December 1999. The Portuguese government lowered its flag over this seaside gambling enclave for the last time Sunday and, as the clock struck midnight, returned to China Europe's first and last colonial outpost in Asia.
Jiang hails success of ‘two systems’ in Macau
By Loh Hui Yin, The Straits Times, 21 December 2000. The smooth transition to Chinese control for the Special Administrative Region has delighted Beijing. The Chief Executive talked about the improved security situation, economic recovery and general social stability in the enclave.
New Policy Address Welcomed in Macao
Xinhua, 22 November 2001. Members of the Legislative Assembly (LA) agreed that the pragmatic address by Edmund Ho Hau Wah, chief executive of the Macao Special Administrative Region (SAR), would be of significance for Macao's economic development and social stability and improve people's life.