Chen's separatist remarks criticized in Macao

Xinhua, 9 August 2002

MACAO, Aug. 9 (Xinhuanet)—Authorities from the Macao Women's Federation and Macao Foundation of Workers' Union held seminars Friday to denounce the separatist remarks made by Chen Shui-bian, leader of the Taiwan authority.

Chen was leading Taiwan to disaster and betting on the basic interests of the Taiwan compatriots by advocating a referendum on Taiwan's future, said Ieong Sau Man, chairwoman of board of directors of the Macao Women's Federation.

We Macao women will hold up the tradition of patriotism and firmly support the efforts of our central government to pursue national reunification, said Ieong, a deputy to the National People's Congress (NPC).

She called the Macao women to unite more closely and contributemore to the implementation of one country, two systems principle.

Pun Iok Lan, vice-president of the Macao Foundation of Workers'Union and an NPC deputy, said Chen's separatist remarks aroused great indignation among workers in various industries in Macao.

To keep China's territory intact and maintain sovereignty is ofthe highest importance to all Chinese people including those in Macao and Taiwan, and this will never change, she said.

She added Chen's independence activities are doomed to failure and the Taiwan leader should not misjudge the current situation. Enditem