The working-class history of the Macao Special Autonomous Region

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Workers for Disney in Macau
Hong Kong Christian Industrial Committee, 28 July 1999. Condition of workers at Tak Wah Garment Factory, a Hong Kong-invested garment factory, employs 300-400 migrant workers from Mainland China. It mainly produces T-shirts for Disney and Cutter & Buck, and the products are mainly exported to the US.
Police clash with Macau jobless
By Harald Bruning, South China Morning Post, Monday 8 May 2000. Pro-democracy lawmaker Antonio Ng Kuok-cheong said such confrontations were inevitable with high unemployment. Unemployment is a real problem in Macau, and in this type of situation, unhappy events like this may happen.
Chen's separatist remarks criticized in Macao
Xinhua, 9 August 2002. Authorities from the Macao Women's Federation and Macao Foundation of Workers' Union held seminars Friday to denounce the separatist remarks made by Chen Shui-bian, leader of the Taiwan authority.