The retrospective history of East Asia as a whole

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Japanese Historian Describes 1894 Japan Army Raid on Korean Royal Palace As Premeditated Prelude to Sino-Japan War
People's Korea, 17 December 1997. A well-documented study describes the 1894 occupation of the Korean Royal Palace in Seoul by the Japanese Imperial troops as a premeditated operation. The incident paved the way for a Sino-Japanese War, which was Japan's first step to the full-scale invasion of Korea.
LDP's Norota: Pacific War helped Asia
Mainichi Shimbun, Monday 19 February 2001. Former Defense Agency chief Hosei Norota of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party tried to justify Japan's waging of the Pacific War during speeches on Sunday, saying the war helped stamp out Western nations' colonialism from Asia.
Japan war remarks anger Chinese
AFP, The Straits Times, Wednesday 21 February 2001. China yesterday blasted as ridiculous comments by a Japanese lawmaker who argued that Japan's aggression during World War II had helped Asian nations become independent. North Korea also slammed the Japanese comments.
Nanking denial triggers outrage
Mainichi Shimbun, Wednesday 19 January 2000. An Osaka forum denies that the Rape of Nanking by the Japanese Imperial Army during the Japanese invasion of China in the 1930s ever occurred.
Comfort women payout overturned
AFP, The Straits Times, Friday 30 March 2001. A High Court rejects decision to pay wartime sex slaves 300,000 yen each, after both sides appeal the award, which was the first to be given to victims in a case like this.
Conspiracy between U.S. and Japan for war on Korean Peninsula
Korean News, 18 November 1997. A secret document related to the sortie of the Japan-based U.S. troops in case of emergency on the Korean Peninsula existed between Japan and the United States in 1960. Japan left its territory to the U.S. troops as sortie bases for a war of aggression on the Korean Peninsula from long ago.