The Taiwan Confederation of Trade Unions (TCTU)

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The History of Taiwan Confederation of Trade Unions (TCTU)
TCTU, [May 2000]. On the occasion of the founding and first Congress of the TCTU, a review of Taiwan's labor history.
TCTU Second Congress Declaration
TCTU document, Posted on Tuesday 24 June 24 2003. As a part of the international labor movement, the mission of TCTU to improve working and living conditions for all workers has become more important than ever. The power to move forward comes from every one of us.
2nd Congress Consolidates Taiwan Confederation of Trade Unions as Centre for Independent Unions
IUF address, 25 June 2003. The Asia & Pacific Regional Secretary, Ma Wei Pin, on behalf of the IUF, greeted the 175 delegates assembled to prepare themselves for the next three years, a period that is expected to be challenging. He reiterated IUF's solidarity with the independent trade union movement in Taiwan. The significance of the TCTU Congress.
IUF-APRO General Secretary Ma Wei Pin's observation report of the TCTU Congress
Taiwan Confederation of Trade Unions, Thursday, 26 June 2003. The report of the IUF-APRO General Secretary, Brother Ma Wei-Pin. The current state of the Taiwan trade union movement.