The working-class history of Taiwan

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Over 80 Percent Taiwanese Willing to Work on Mainland
Xinhua, 24 March 2002. A recent survey by the 104 Job Bank, the largest online recruiting service in Taiwan, showed that more than 80 percent of Taiwanese would like to get a job on the Chinese mainland. Some 18.1 percent of respondents are actively seeking mainland jobs. It has also become a trend for Taiwanese professionals to start new careers in the mainland.
TAVOI: Combating the dangers for workers in Taiwan
ICFTU Online, … , 086/260402/JL, 26 April 2002. Events observing the Day of Mourning for Dead and Injured Workers are taking place worldwide on 28th April. The ICFTU interviews Chang Junche, from the Taiwan Association for Victims of Occupational Injuries (TAVOI).
Blue-collar workers want foreign labor reductions
By Cody Yiu, Taipei Times, Saturday 21 February 2004. Taiwanese laborers support imported labor but want to reduce the numbers of foreign laborers over the coming years, according to a recent survey conducted by the Taiwan Confederation of Trade Unions (TCTU).
Survey shows five-day work week in vogue
Taipei Times, Sunday 28 March 2004. According to a Council of Labor Affairs survey in 2003, 38.2 percent of business said that they work five days a week with 28.5 percent saying they work six days a week. Another 7.1 percent said that they work five-and-a-half days per week. The Labor Standards Law (勞 動基準法) limits work to no more than eight hours a day and 42 hours a week.