Chunghwa Telecom workers

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Chunghwa protest
UNI Asia & Pacific, 2000 [August]. More than 13,000 union members and their families joined protests on August 16th in Taipei to protect jobs and conditions in the privatisation process of Chunghwa Telecom in Taiwan.
Chunghwa union threatens strike to support chairman
The China Post, 4 January 2003. Chunghwa Telecom's labor union has threatened a strike in support of the state-run company's chairman if the government replaces him. Union head Chen Hsing-chu accused the government of trying to bring in a replacement that would know nothing about the trade.
Chunghwa union defends protest
By Joy Su, Taipei Times, Thursday 18 September 2003. Chunghwa Telecom Workers' Union chairman Chang Hsu-chung (張緒中) yesterday defended the right of workers to take a collective leave of absence for a planned mass assembly outside the Legislative Yuan. The right to take personal leave of absence is fundamental.
Chunghwa Telecom union planning strike meeting
By Joy Su, Taipei Times, Thursday 15 April 2004. This will be the first time in 47 years that the union has held this sort of full-scale meeting. Negotiations with the company's management have not gotten us anywhere. The union's grievances stem from the company's privatization policies.