Working-class political struggle in Taiwan

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Civil servants push for pay rise
By Jimmy Cheung, The South China Morning Post, Monday 15 May 2000. The private sector wage survey, which the Government uses to adjust pay for civil servants, found that salaries had fallen over the past year for lower- and middle-ranking staff, but had risen for senior staff. The largest civil service union has dropped its support for a pay freeze and is pushing for a 1.61 per cent increase across the board, despite the cut suggested by a private sector wage survey.
Chen Shui-bian's Second Anniversary in Office Marked by Labor Protests
By Dong LIU, CND, 22 May 2002. Protesters said they were unhappy that Chen did not fulfill his campaign promise to workers. Chen has honored only a quarter of his campaign promises made during the 2000 presidential election.
Victory for Taiwan housewives
By Laurence Eyton, Asia Times, 11 June 2002. Taiwan this week passed one of the most radical pieces of social legislation perhaps ever passed in an Asian country. The Civil Code Amendment bill probably makes Taiwan the first country anywhere in the world to mandate cash payment for housework.
Unions lead fight against tyranny
By Huang Jui-ming 黃瑞明, Taipei Times, Saturday 14 June 2003. Unions are political interest groups. To reflect the wishes of grassroots members, they lobby legislators or use demonstrations or strikes as means of political mobilization, often becoming a catalyst for social progress. But in Taiwan, until recently, unions did not do this, but simply managed worker's need. Union members fail to grasp the union potential.
Taiwan unions plan protests against privatisation
The News International, Pakistan, Thursday 18 September 2003. Thousands of workers at more than half a dozen state-owned enterprises in Taiwan are planning street protests and strikes to oppose the government's privatisation program.