The National Teachers Association (NTA) of Taiwan

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Teachers demand fairness in protest
The China Post, Sunday 29 September 2002. About 60,000 teachers from around Taiwan marched to the Presidential Office yesterday afternoon to demonstrate their solidarity, to demand fairness and dignity for their profession, and to call for the right to form unions.
Teachers demand right to form union
By Sandy Huang, Taipei Times, 29 September 2002. Tens of thousands of teachers took to the streets in downtown Taipei yesterday to voice their indignation over a government regulation that deprives them from the right to form a labor union. The march was the first ever to be organized by teachers in Taiwan's history.
Taipei teachers form unauthorized union
By Hung-fu Hsueh, Taiwan News, 7 December 2003. Sixty three teachers yesterday formed Taiwan's first teachers' labor union in Taipei, in an attempt to speed up their bid to be allowed to adopt the Labor Standard Law and given the three basic labor rights.