Taiwan Railway Labor Union (TRLU)

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Railway union threatens to stage one-day strike
By Hung-fu Hsueh, Taiwan News, 13 June 2003. The Taiwan Railway Labor Union announced yesterday they would hold a one-day strike on September 11 and would hold another strike during the Lunar New Year if the Ministry of Traffic and Communication and Taiwan High Speed Rail Corporation do not meet the union's demands on the platform dispute.
Railway workers vote to strike on holiday
The China Post, Friday 15 August 2003. The Taiwan Railway Labor Union (TRLU) voted yesterday to strike on Sept. 11, the upcoming Moon Festival, to protest government policies and protect railway workers' rights.
Railway union plans to go on strike on Sept. 11
Taipei Times, Friday 15 August 2003. The Railway Labor Union has planned a work stoppage for the Moon Festival, saying the government plans to privatize the railway administration. The strike is the only way to make the government pay attention to the union's demands.
Negotiations breakthrough averts rail strike
By Joy Su, Taipei Times, Saturday 20 December 2003. After months of negotiations with government officials, the Taiwan Railway Labor Union (TRLU) yesterday officially announced the cancellation of a seven-day strike that had been slated to take place during the Lunar New Year because management accepted its requests.